Kids at KAG Daycare -Meru

Group of volunteers from St. Louis visited Nkubu Meru in June 2013 and donated shoes, schoolbags and other school stationery. More »

Agape Daycare- Nairobi Mukuru Slams

Group of volunteers from St. Louis visited Mukuru slams in June 2013 and donated shoes, schoolbags and other school stationeries More »

2013 Kenya Mission Team

Group of volunteers from St. Louis visited Mukuru slams Meru, Thika and Kilgoris in June 2013 and donated shoes, schoolbags and medical supplies. More »

Kids with donated shoes

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Sanitary Pads

Fresh white T-SHIRT 03.13.13

Many girls stay out of school every year for fear of being stigmatized because of “accidents” during their periods. Sanitary towels are expensive and thus out of reach for many girls and women in Africa. Women after child birth also face a huge challenge with postpartum bleeding (Lochia). In many instance they are issued with rolls of cotton wool unsuitable to contain the unpredictable and at times heavy flow that last between 1-6 weeks. We collect donations of women hygiene products from friends and partners and also funds to purchase care-packs for onward shipment to Africa. To ensure long term sustainability of this project we support women groups who locally manufacture reusable sanitary pads with resources and know-how for free onward distribution. We reach girls and women in need through collaborative assistance with Amref Kenya Office and other community agencies.




The amount allocated for provision of free sanitary towels was slashed by 99 million shillings in the financial year 2013/2014, this is from the 300 million shillings allocated previously to the ministry of education for the provision of sanitary towels to 568,925 needy girls between class 6 and 8, a fraction of the 2.5 million in need of the towels. Do you know what this means?

Only 1\3 of the targeted girls will benefit. Judy Kosgei was in Marigat, Baringo county one of the districts which has never benefited from the program and found out shocking details of how girls miss school during their menses and opt use goat skin, chicken feathers, soil and even leaves during their menses for lack of an option.

Your assistance; $ 5 buys 60 sanitary towels$20 buys 240 sanitary towels$100 buys 1200 sanitary towels