Kids at KAG Daycare -Meru

Group of volunteers from St. Louis visited Nkubu Meru in June 2013 and donated shoes, schoolbags and other school stationery. More »

Agape Daycare- Nairobi Mukuru Slams

Group of volunteers from St. Louis visited Mukuru slams in June 2013 and donated shoes, schoolbags and other school stationeries More »

2013 Kenya Mission Team

Group of volunteers from St. Louis visited Mukuru slams Meru, Thika and Kilgoris in June 2013 and donated shoes, schoolbags and medical supplies. More »

Kids with donated shoes

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Hazelwood School District High school Students Financial Appeal for Outreach Mission

It is approaching that time for the winter mission trip to Kenya on December 20th. This year Vitendo4Africa will be going with 5 teenagers who live in your city and are remarkably passionate and eager to go back to their home country to help children just like them. This year the mission trip is focused on children who are homeless or in underfunded orphanages and those in dire need of school supplies. For a lot of these kids in Kenya, they often don’t have much money for essentials, and the those that turn to orphanages or shelters often find them overfilled with kids just like them who are struggling. As you must know, a healthy and happy childhood and education is so important to the development and success of every child. However, many of these children are not able to afford the supplies needed for school and the essentials such as a balanced diet or efficient sanitary items. We are also aiming to create a Christmas gift basket for the children that cannot afford to purchase a gift. Our goal this year is to bring a little Christmas joy to those kids.

You can help us reach our goal through your generous donations and spreading the word so others may be able to help also. We are asking for your generous support so that we can meet our goal of 10 thousand dollars in the six weeks we have remaining till takeoff. If you are able to donate more than 100 we would really appreciate it, every single dollar means so much to these kids. However, I understand circumstances may be hard and so if you are unable to meet the goal, I would still appreciate your support of any value that you are able to and I would encourage you to spread the word to others so that we can also enlist their support. Your donation goes towards our three goals: school supplies for children in underfunded orphanages in the rural parts of Kenya and sanitary pads for women who are unable to purchase them. In light of the Christmas season, we will also be creating gift bags to spread some Christmas joy for the kids who are not afforded that chance to experience that. There are multiple ways you can donate: there is a donation go fund me website for online donation, check addressed to Vitendo4Africa or you can visit the Vitendo4Africa office and learn some more about the mission trip while donating. Attached below is the link to go fund me page that I encourage you to share to others. We would really appreciate if you spread the word by sharing the link on social media, forwarding this email or simple word of mouth that directs them to one of the three ways above to donate.

Thank you in advance for your contribution and spread of the cause. Your help means so much to us and the children in Kenya. Another representative will be in touch with you regarding your donation in about a week. If you have any questions or would like to talk more about any other way you feel you would be able to contribute to our cause such as services or connections, feel free to contact me at 3142520488 or directly to the Vitendo4Africa contact information listed below.

7220. N. Lindbergh Bvld
Hazelwood, MO 63042
Tel: 314 252 0488

For Online Donation DONATE HERE

V4A undertakes mission trip every year to support schools and health institutions in Africa. This provides an opportunity for volunteers to share their time and medical skills with health professionals in Africa while providing medical care to under served communities. We also send medical supplies and equipment to areas that are in dire need.

Sanitary Pads

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Many girls stay out of school every year for fear of being stigmatized because of “accidents” during their periods. Sanitary towels are expensive and thus out of reach for many girls and women in Africa. Women after child birth also face a huge challenge with postpartum bleeding (Lochia). In many instance they are issued with rolls of cotton wool unsuitable to contain the unpredictable and at times heavy flow that last between 1-6 weeks. We collect donations of women hygiene products from friends and partners and also funds to purchase care-packs for onward shipment to Africa. To ensure long term sustainability of this project we support women groups who locally manufacture reusable sanitary pads with resources and know-how for free onward distribution. We reach girls and women in need through collaborative assistance with Amref Kenya Office and other community agencies.




The amount allocated for provision of free sanitary towels was slashed by 99 million shillings in the financial year 2013/2014, this is from the 300 million shillings allocated previously to the ministry of education for the provision of sanitary towels to 568,925 needy girls between class 6 and 8, a fraction of the 2.5 million in need of the towels. Do you know what this means?

Only 1\3 of the targeted girls will benefit. Judy Kosgei was in Marigat, Baringo county one of the districts which has never benefited from the program and found out shocking details of how girls miss school during their menses and opt use goat skin, chicken feathers, soil and even leaves during their menses for lack of an option.

Your assistance; $ 5 buys 60 sanitary towels$20 buys 240 sanitary towels$100 buys 1200 sanitary towels

Afya Bora Medical Cover

The purpose of this project is to establish a fund to provide access to medically related needs for poor families in Africa. Most death cases in remote parts of Africa are as a result of common preventable diseases or diagnosis when it is too late. Vitendo4africa have negotiated discounted medical cover with CIC Insurance for poor families.   With a premium of only $152 per year a family of five can now have medical cover both inpatient and outpatient through out the year.  This will not only help the patient but also boost financial status in the hospitals who are commonly hit by debts because of unpaid patient debts.

There are different  sponsorship options;

  • Half cover for $72 per year
  • Full Cover for $152 per year
  • Cover for two Families $304 per year
  • Cover for five families $760 per year


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2013 Cazy Olympics

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