Afya Bora Medical Cover

The purpose of this project is to establish a fund to provide access to medically related needs for poor families in Africa. Most death cases in remote parts of Africa are as a result of common preventable diseases or diagnosis when it is too late. Vitendo4africa have negotiated discounted medical cover with CIC Insurance for poor families.   With a premium of only $152 per year a family of five can now have medical cover both inpatient and outpatient through out the year.  This will not only help the patient but also boost financial status in the hospitals who are commonly hit by debts because of unpaid patient debts.

There are different  sponsorship options;

  • Half cover for $72 per year
  • Full Cover for $152 per year
  • Cover for two Families $304 per year
  • Cover for five families $760 per year

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